Have You Been To The Hot Tub Cinema Yet?

Being a film fan is one thing but surely you get bored of watching films in the same cinema time and time again? Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch the latest films somewhere new, somewhere unique or somewhere which was a bit of a novelty? If this is something you’ve been wishing for then you may well just be in luck! London’s ‘Hot Tub Cinema‘ has recently launched and is THE place in the UK to go and watch a film at the moment!

If you’re fed up of sitting in a cinema to watch a film or don’t fancy watching one at home; then make a booking at the Hot Tub Cinema and enjoy for yourself this unique and fantastic opportunity. Be warned, however, that it books up almost as quickly as tickets come on sale so if you want to visit this unique experience; make sure you plan ahead! Tickets typically get released for a film about a month in advance so keep checking the website and look out for tickets coming on sale.

We recently went to see a film at the Hot Tub Cinema and, quite simply, the experience was absolutely unreal! Word can’t quite describe how fantastic this cinema is and, more than anything, it’s a night you’ll never forget. Most of the time when you go to the cinema, you’ll forget about it a week later but with this cinema, you’ll be talking about it for months afterwards!

Realistically; what could beat relaxing in a hot tub, drinking with your mates and watching a film on a rooftop in London? If you ask us … very little! Get yourself booked in and go and see for yourself what all of the fuss is about.